Who are we?

Alpha Sigma GmbH was born out of the idea to produce inexpensive and environmentally friendly fiber composite components without having to make any restrictions in terms of weight or rigidity.

Mr. Jakob and Mr. Liesch dealt with the development of a technical and economical series production of basalt fiber composite components during their studies at the University of West Saxony. The founding team of Alpha Sigma GmbH worked in prototype construction for many years and was involved in Formula Student alongside their studies.

With the technology developed by Mr. Jakob and Mr. Liesch's economic skills, they decided in 2013 to found a company together. With the application to the Sächsische Aufbaubank for a technology start-up scholarship and the approval in summer 2015, another cornerstone was laid for the company. In November 2015 the company Alpha Sigma was founded with the legal form GmbH In Zwickau. The company has been growing continuously since then.


Do you need help with the implementation of your project from the drawing to the finished product? Make an appointment with us in-house! Let our competence convince you.

We offer our customers both the manufacturing of fiber composite components and advice as a partner by their side when it comes to the implementation of a project. Already in the development phase, we implement your technological wishes together with you or our designer. We have focused on rational and cost-saving manufacturing methods that are in balance with the required boundary conditions. The right material for the components and the molds are adapted to the customer's requirements. For example, molds made of PU foam are used, as are aluminum, steel or casting resins.

The molds are designed and manufactured in-house according to the design specifications. When it comes to oversize tools, we have competent partners who can also machine oversized molds.

The components are created by trained personnel to ensure high quality standards in single or series production. The components are mainly manufactured using the resin infusion process, which has the advantage that the components can be manufactured at a constant temperature and with continuous monitoring. This leads to high reproducibility of the results. The use of different resins and / or fibers is also easily possible in this process.

Dipl. Ing. Michael Jakob

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dipl. Ing. Fabian Liesch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In our company we process natural fibers such as basalt, jute, hemp or flax as well as technical fibers made of carbon, high performance polyethylene, aramid or glass. We are also able to manufacture composite components according to the fire protection standard, i.e. non-combustible fiber composites with high strength and temperature resistance. As sandwich core material, we use the commercially available materials from Lantor via 3D Core, but also honeycomb structures and alternative materials, such as paper, honeycomb or wood.

Do you need a FEM calculation of your components or the tooling? We can help you as your partner for composites. Also project managment in Germany or abroad are part of our work.

The trustful handling of your data plays an important role in prototype construction. We do justice to this in many ways. Talk to us personally and confidentially. We will find the right solution for your problem.

Meaning of the company name "Alpha Sigma"?

The name is made up of the two Greek letters α (Alpha) and σ (Sigma). Alpha here denotes the angle of the deflection of the fiber on a three-dimensionally curved surface.

This angle is very important as the strength of the component decreases exponentially with increasing deflection. Sigma as a physical quantity describes, among other things, the tensile strength. A fiber in a composite is designed solely for tensile strength, since this is the only force that can be transmitted by the fiber. The Greek letters can be found in the Alpha Sigma GmbH logo and are surrounded by a hexagon, which symbolizes basalt as a natural hexagonal basalt column from nature.

Our partners

The interaction of practical and theoretical knowledge and experience is the basis of our success.