3-axis milling machine

Our milling center makes up to 16,000 rpm and has a spindle power of 16kW. It completes our portfolio. We work with aluminium, plastics and steel. The work area of the machine is 1020mm x 560mm x 600mm (x,y,z). Of course, we manufacture parts for small and medium quantities for you from an economic point of view on our systems.
  • 3-Axis-milling centre MICRON VCE1000 Pro
  • Milling spindle power of 16KW and 16.000 U/min also IKZ and ILZ
  • Optical tool measurement
  • Automatic part measuring
  • Workspace 1020 x 560 x 600 mm (x*y*z)
  • maximum table load 1350 kg
  • Table size is 1,000mm x 560mm (x,y) / Vacuum clamping table 616 x 416 mm
  • We process plastics, aluminium and steel (also hardened and stainless steel)