handmade lamination


The hand laminate is ideal for numerous handicrafts. It is characterized by the fact that it requires comparatively few tools. Furthermore, it is already known to many hobbyists and model builders who had to repair body parts.

It is by far the cheapest of all procedures. It can be used to manufacture components and tools. The surface usually requires extensive rework. Finally, the mass, strength and rigidity of the parts are not optimal.



  • None


Consumable material:

  • Resin + hardener
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cup + spatula
  • Fabrics
  • Brush



  • Applying the release agent on the mould
    • Apply release agent (link release agent in the shop) using a lint-free cloth
    • Leave to air for 5 minutes
    • Polish the streaks out of the mould in the last gear
    • Apply release agent at least 4 times on new tools
    • Already used tools need at least 2 coats of release agent
  • Apply resin on tool
  • Apply outer layer
    • Apply the fabrics from the center to the edge
    • Press down the fabric with your fingers or a brush
  • Apply next lay on mould and drench it with resin
  • Repeat the process as often as necessary
  • Allow resin to harden
  • Separate component from mould
Faserverbundaufbau; Lagenaufbau; Harzinfuionsaufbau
Faserverbundaufbau; Lagenaufbau; Harzinfuionsaufbau