SikaBlock Pur Modelling Plate M680 Leftovers

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SikaBlock® M680-Reststücke


Es handelt sich hierbei um Reststücke verschiedener Größen. Diese können mittels Epoxidharz auf einander geklebt werden um größere Formen herstellen.

2,5 kg ~ 3,75l

5kg ~ 7,5l

7,5kg ~ 11,3l

10 kg ~ 15l 

15 kg ~ 23

With its high strength and excellent edge strength, the SikaBlock M680 is a much more durable and robust model construction material than other rigid foams made of PS or PUR. Their high density and the homogeneous, smooth surface enable the production of data control and master models as well as simple deep-drawing molds. In addition, the material is suitable for creating precisely shaped, smallest parts that can be primed and painted without prior filling.


When it comes to machining, the M680 produces significantly less dust than many competing products of the same density.


Product Advantages:

  • Very dense, smooth surface
  • Easy to seal and easy to paint
  • Low level of dust when milling
  • Easy mechanical workability
  • Very dimensionally stable lightweight material
  • High pressure and edge strength
  • Good heat resistance


Ordering Information:
The desired size is not included? In addition to the dimensions offered, we can also offer special dimensions on request. To do this, please send your request to our


Technical Specifications:
Density: 0,68 g/cm³
Compressive strength: 20 – 22 MPa
Thickness: 75 mm/100 mm
Shore hardness: D 63
Material: Polyurethane
Colour: light brown

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2.5 kg, 5 kg, 7.5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg

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