SikaBlock Pur Modelling Plate M150

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SikaBlock® M150

With its high strength and excellent edge strength, the Sika Block M150 is a much more durable and robust model construction material than other rigid foams made of PS or PUR. Its comparatively low density makes it cheaper than most other Sika materials. It is often used as a base for clay models to reduce their weight and price. The M150 can easily be processed and shaped with knives, files, sandpaper, etc. The surface can be painted as usual.



  • Manufacture of basic bodies for design, styling and clay models
  • Manufacture of styling models and form studies

Product Advantages:

  • Dense, fine surface
  • Easy mechanical workability
  • Low level of dust when milling
  • Low thermal expansion

Ordering Information:
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Technical Specifications:
Density: 0,15 g/cm³
Compressive strength: 1,6 MPa
Thickness: 50 mm / 100 mm
Material: Polyurethane
Colour: light green

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