Soric® SF 2 mm Kernlagenvlies

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Soric® SF 2 mm Kernlagenvlies für Vakuuminfusion

Versatile core material for vacuum infusion with built-in Infusion Mesh made of pressure-resistant polyester fleece for minimal resin consumption.


  • Preis/lfm
  • Up to 50% weight reduction compared to solid laminate
  • Less material consumption of fiber reinforcements and resin
  • Easy handling
  • Can be processed with all conventional types of resin, e.g. Epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Flexibility in design and construction
  • Resin flow optimization
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Three-dimensional deformable (preforming)
  • Pressure resistant


Vacuum infusion (also for RTM, pressing process and prepreg processing suitable)


Ship and boat building, rail and road vehicles,
industrial components and wind turbine construction


Typical mechanical properties of Lantor Soric® SF (impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin):

Technical Specifications:
Grammage 125 g/m²
Resin consumption: 1,0 kg/m²
Thickness: 2 mm
Width: 1270 mm
Loss of hight (at 0.8 bar): < 15 %
Working temperature: Max. 170 °C
Bending strength:  16 MPa
Bending modulus: 1000 MPa
Compressive strength (at 10% load): 4 MPa
Tear resistance across the layer:  6 MPa
Shear strength:  6 MPa
Shear modulus: 40 MPa


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 40 cm

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