Thixotropiermittel (10l)


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Thixotropiermittel (10l)

Thixotropic agent for thickening epoxy resins, polyester resins as well as for adhesives and top layers and also paints.
The addition to the resin prevents draining on inclined surfaces. Thixotropic agents are mainly used for the production of non-draining top layer and adhesive resins, fillers and fillers.


Technical Specifications:
Behavior towards water:  hydrophilic
 Appearance:  loose powder
 Colour:  white
Surface according to BET: 200 +/- 25 m²/g 
Surface per gram:  200 +/- 25 m²
Average sizeof the primary particles:
 12 nm
Bulk density:  ca. 50 g/Liter
Density:  2,2 (1,55 TM 100)g/cm3 bei 20°C 
Tapped density:   approx. value of compressed goods 50
Loss on drying:   2 h bei 105°C < 1,5 %

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm

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