Individual Vehicle Interior Modification


FK-Horse transporter


Verkleidung AOSAplus


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FEM Calculation



Here we want to show you our finished projects, which are not put under secrecy by our customer. Alpha Sigma successfully finds solutions for customer projects for five years now.

Body parts for cars, trucks, bikes and drones or tools for mass production are just a couple examples of the service we deliver.

Our experience makes us able to adapt to new jobs fast and find the right solution for every customers project.

Trennwand Motorraum


OASAplus Bus


Schlafkabine FK-Pferdetransporter


Frontansicht Schlafkabine FK-Pferdetransporter

Heckspoiler FK-Pferdetransporter

Heckspoiler FK-Pferdetransporter

Innenausbau Seitenauszüge

Innenausbau mit starken Auszügen

Kofferaufbau Dodge RAM

Oberfläche SonoBot

Sonobot Detailsansicht

SonoBot Isoansicht

Sonobot Iso-Ansicht

SonoBot Frontansicht

Sonobot Frontansicht


Wassertank für Pferdetransporter

FEM Berechnung einer Designer-Treppe